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Yoga holds its roots in thousands of years of Indian tradition, with philosophies based in Hinduism and Bhuddism. What many people are unaware of is that the physical practice of yoga has mainly developed in the past hundred and fifty years. In more recent years the, the research into how yoga affects the body and mind has increased greatly. 

An integration of the body, mind and breath are at the foundation of any yoga practice. Using the principles of Anatomy in Motion, I have developed a style of vinyasa yoga which dives deep into the foundations of how we are designed to move. Whether you are in a one to one session or group class, you will be guided at your own level with variations in each pose. The main focus is movement and flow, especially focusing on areas of the body where you have lost movement. 

At Nidd Valley Physio we are moving away from the old theory of stretching makes you more flexible. We want to load your muscles and joints in the way they were designed to move, in 3 dimensions and with the correct timing so you can function optimally.



One to One:

One to one yoga sessions are for anyone and everyone. You may be an experienced practitioner or teacher, or possibly just starting your own practice. Wherever you are we will be able to take you forward on your journey. With the addition of being a physiotherapist, specific goals can be created of what you would like to achieve from your sessions and how best to get there. 

Small Groups:

Maybe you don't feel confident in coming on your own or you may have friends who have similar aims to you, for example improving your balance or flexibility within the spine. Small group classes can be held for up to 4 people which gives an excellent environment for individual focus and a social atmosphere. Classes will be held at the Yoga Barn, which will be opening for public classes int he New Year. Please get in contact for any further info. 



Classes will be commencing in the New Year of 2018. I am very excited to bring my unique style of teaching to the Nidd Valley. There will be one yoga class per week to start which will hopefully be able to build. Stay tuned for more info. 


  • Comfortable, stretchy clothing, leggings, tracksuit bottoms or shorts and a t-shirt or vest
  • If you have your own yoga mat or props you would like to use then please feel free to bring them, but don't worry if not, everything can be provided.
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated!
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