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Classes Running all Week

Wishing all of our fantastic clients a wonderful Easter weekend ahead. We hope you will all have some time off at some point to enjoy tome spring sunshine and time with friends and family.

Just to let you know as there has been a bit of mis-communication, all classes are running this week and next.


6:00pm Pilates with Tom, Online and in person

7:15pm Yoga with Siobhan, Online and in Person


9:00am Pilates with Tom, in person

10:15am Pilates with Tom, in person


9:00am Physio Fit Circuits with Tom, In person

10:15am S&C for Sport with Tom, in person

Please Feel free to swap a class if there is space depending on your schedule.

Please let me know if you have any questions and look forward to seeing you soon.

Many thanks,

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